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A Typical Example of You Tell Us - Sister of Groom

A few words on this special day,
(Determined that I'd have my say)
To celebrate the joining together,
And the promise of it being forever.

You-never-could-have predicted this,
As Scott - maybe five or six,
Discovered his first football team,
And began his semi-professional dream,

But no-one told Scott all the rules,
And so the little childish fool,
Went and made a lovely score,
Then picked up the ball up off the floor.

He placed it back in front of the goal,
(And thinking he was Andy Cole),
Shot-at it like a speeding train,
And put it in the net again.
Kim's skills rather lay elsewhere,
Maybe her arm length - maybe her hair,
Led to an amazing skill,
To become a monkey at free will.

It then became her party piece,
The cute and cuddly hairy beast,
Around her, all her friends would talk,
About the famous 'Monkey Walk'.

But, enough of childhood hopes and dreams,
They got through puberty and left their teens,
And discovered the joy of drinking and pubs,
And rather dodgy Blackpool clubs.

It was one such place where they first met
On Millennium Night when Kim did let -
Scott grab her by the strawberry daiquiri,
(Something which she offered happily).

Their relationship went from strength to strength,
Scott resorting to complex lengths,
To pop the question - to go in for the kill,
He took Kim up a snowy hill.

The special day wasn't quite as planned,
Their camera took a fall and banged,
Down the snowy mountainside,
'Just a little walk,' Scott lied.

At the top, young Scott knew,
Romantic talk about the view,
Would put her in the proper mood,
And 'Yes, of course!' she would conclude.

But as his heart began to sing,
And before he showed his shiny ring,
All Kim could do was whinge and whine,
Cause snow and hills make a rotten time.

But 'Yes!' she said, and now we're here,
And before we turn to wine and beer,
Join with me, Scott's little sis,
To wish them both great martial bliss.
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