The Perfect Christmas Present?

Well, it’s that time of the year again. What on earth are you going to get people for Christmas? What can you get your mum who never tells you what she wants, and already has what she wants anyway? Perfume? Earrings? Pampering stuff? Or, just maybe, a personal poem which tells her how much she means to you? You could frame it, and every time she walks past it, she’ll stop and smile.

What about Dad? The same old same old? Or a poem about him growing up in the sixties? His Beatle Suit, his Morris Minor? Anything that will fondly remind him of his youth.

What about a girlfriend or close mate? Tell them how you really feel, and give them a gift that they can keep forever.

Don’t give a predictable gift this year – check out our website and give the gift of words.

Excellence is our normal.

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