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Speech Writing

Writing Speeches? How hard can it be?

Why should you go to the trouble and expense of paying someone to write a speech or poem for you? Surely you should do it yourself – ‘from the heart’ if you like. It would be far more personal, and the audience would be all the more appreciative? Right? You could just write down how you feel, and, if you get a bit stuck, you could use Google  to find something similar and regurgitate. Sorted.

Life’s not as simple as that is it? Let’s put it this way …

Anyone could press the shutter on a camera, but could you get the same results as a professional? Most of us could set a table, but could we dress a table at a function room for a special occasion As well as someone who does it daily?

The truth is, speech-writing is a complicated and professional skill. The words need to flow, the length and tone need to be just right, the humour has to be judged carefully according to the audience, and, no matter how flippant the content, it has to come across as warm and sincere. You could have a go yourself, just like you could take a few snaps with your phone. You could take a speech or poem off the Internet, but instead of a personal tribute,  you’ll end up with a crass, generic article. Not sure? Try typing ‘Best Man’s Speech’ into a search engine. Look at a handful of examples, then count how many times the same joke comes up.

Floating Fish understand personal writing. We have written hundreds of speeches and poems – every one unique and special. We take what you want to say, and arrange it beautifully to your exact need. It’s what we do, day in, day out.

Take a look at some of our examples (keep coming back – they change daily) and see for yourself. Obviously, you won’t get all of the references, that’s the point – they’ve been written for one person, for one special event. And if you choose to use Floating Fish, don’t worry – we won’t publish your writing (unless you want us to!).