Easter Already?

It seems as though you are still digesting your last Christmas sprout, and already the chocolate eggs are here. How did that happen?

The question is… Are you going to do the usual, and scour the shops for a last minute egg to give to a loved one? Again? Really?

There is an alternative. ¬†Why not take a look at Floating Fish – a personalised writing service. We could write you a poem dedicated to the important person in your life, to your exact requirement. You could handwrite it in a card and pretend that it was all your own work. Imagine the ‘goody marks’ you’d earn! And, fifty years down the line, when you are reflecting on the wondrous years spent together, it won’t be chocolate eggs you think of – just a rather smashing writing service:

“Just think Darling, if you hadn’t written me that beautiful poem all those years ago, we would never have experienced such happiness.”

“I know my precious, I know. Chocolate egg?”



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