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Derek’s 40th Anniversary

Ladies and gentleman, it’s been forty years,
Since May and I met over a couple of beers,
We bought a home, settled down and got wed,
And then, hand in hand, walked the long road ahead.

So a few short lines for my beautiful wife,
Times to remember about our shared life:

I got my first job as a Carpet Fitter,
When it was still okay to like Gary Glitter.

When Slade were still screeching and Bowie was king -
Was the time that I bought a small golden ring.

Our first home was acquired,
When Harold Wilson retired.
And Callaghan took up his seat,
But before The Iron Lady,
We had our first baby,
Making our family complete.

And time doesn’t just lie,
So we soon said goodbye,
To the 70s – huge flares and all,
We swapped Steely Dan,
For Frankie and Duran,
Die Hard, and Total Recall.

I trained as a plumber,
In 85′s summer,
So that I could work for myself,
Everything was fine,
Until the worrying time,
That I had a slight scare with my health.

But all was okay and the decade passé,
So we moved into 1990,
In just nine years time,
Was Space 1999′
And you had your first shoulder x-ray.

A new century started,
And David departed,
To better his mind at Uni,
We both shed a tear,

As he went off to drink beer,
And our house seemed incredibly roomy.

And so here we are, in a familiar bar,
To celebrate our first forty years,
I love my May more,
Than ever before,
So I say to you all…cheers!