Can anything save my relationship?

Ever found yourself in the position where you have properly messed up in your relationship and fear that it might all be over? Have you tried all the usual stuff to get things as they were? Numerous apologies? Flowers? Talking to their friends? Being more attentive than usual?

If none of this has worked, then you’ve very probably messed up good and proper. All, however, is not lost.

Your partner will have been expecting all those old strategies. You’ve probably used them many times already, and promises that “This time I mean it, things will change” aren’t working. What this problem needs is a fresh approach…

Most of us are rubbish at explaining our feelings face to face, even if we’ve rehearsed what we want to say. Using our ‘You tell us’ button on the Floating Fish website, let us know what you want to say to your loved one and the tone (grovelling, respectful, sincere, funny etc), and leave the rest to us.

We will write a masterpiece, which you can put in a card, letter or even read it yourself. It will still be ‘from the heart’ but will be skilfully constructed and is almost guaranteed to make your partner have a rethink.

So, next time you mess up, forget the usual tactics, let Floating Fish save your relationship.

Isn’t that worth a few quid?
Personal Writing Service

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