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Groom Speech

The Groom's Speech has really developed over the last decade or so. No longer just a "Thank-you for coming" speech, expectations are high - to be every bit as entertaining and amusing as the other speeches on the day. This is The Groom's chance to have his say with an audience hanging onto every word. Don't let the pressure of this duty spoil your day, let Floating Fish write a masterpiece to your exact specification, that will have your guests laughing/crying/ahhhing (or whatever reaction you wish for). Remember to add as much detail as possible on the order form for the best possible results. Get thinking!

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A Typical Example of Grooms Speech

Ladies and Gentleman,

Id like to thank John my new father-in-law for his kind words. The first time I ever met john was when we were to embark on a school adventure holiday in the South of France. He stood by the office surrounded by luggage, wearing a smart blazer and slacks. I assumed what any right-minded person would assume that he was to coach driver. So I handed him my luggage (when he gave me a funny look) and asked him where the first stop would be. As he wasnt, in fact, a coach driver at all, he replied that he had no idea. I left, thinking that we were in trouble because the driver didnt even know where we were going.

Im now officially part of their family, but feel like I have been part of the family for ages now, and would like to thank John and Mary for welcoming me aboard with such warmth. Especially, when Jane and I found ourselves homeless a while back, and they put us up for what was supposed to be a couple of weeks, and turned out to be just over three months. Fortunately, it was a twenty-four hour, all inclusive establishment, with premium brands and local beers, wines and spirits readily available. Id also like to thank the Head Chef Mary, who comes from the Hes a growing lad school of thought, meaning that I put on four or five stones in weight. Id also like to formally apologise for very nearly swearing very badly at her during a game of Taboo last Christmas.

Im sure you will have noticed the beautiful flowers in church, well, Mary and Jessica spent all day yesterday sorting that out and did a brilliant job, so thank-you very much.

Id like to thank Janes mum and dad mostly for letting me marry their daughter which surprised me a little if Im being honest, but Im very, very pleased that they did, so thank-you. Id also like to thank my mum and dad for their endless support, love and chequebook over the years, and for bringing me up so superbly into the fine figure of manhood you see stood before you today. This may surprise you, but it isnt just down to me.

Id like to extend my thanks to all of you for coming, and for your kind gifts. I havent seen the Porsche in the car park, but Im sure that one of those envelopes will have the keys inside, so thanks. Wed both like to thank Sue for making such a beautiful cake, Im sure youll agree, it looks amazing.

Most of all though, Id like to thank Jane for staying with me and agreeing to stay with me for even longer, so Ive written her a small poem. I think youll find it a thing of beauty

When we first met, she was simply a friend,

Some-one to laugh with, to tease and offend,

But as we grew closer, I definitely saw,

Other fine attributes in fact many more:

Somebody gentle who likes to have fun,

But some-one with balls (if you pardon the pun).

Some-one hard-working and somebody kind,

Somebody determined who knows her own mind,

Somebody thoughtful, some-one sincere,

Who likes to drink vodka, but doesnt touch beer,

Somebody honest, somebody true,

Somebody wise (without having a clue).

Somebody loving and somebody caring,

With the exception of chocolate, somebody sharing,

Somebody patient, somebody great,

Some-one who lied when she said she could skate.

Somebody stunning in her wedding gown,

Some-one who sulks when her legs wont go brown.

But the best thing about Jane, as far as I can see,

Is that shes perfect, and married to me.

Wed both like to thank our ushers Dan and Brian if you could just stand up so that people can laugh at you. Theyre more like brothers to me than friends, and weve known each other for many, many years, so thanks.

Id also like to thank Pete my best man. Weve been pretty much inseparable since the age of seven (but that may change once Ive heard his speech). So thanks a lot mate youve been brilliant today.

Last but not least, wed both like to thank the bridesmaids who have been beautiful and professional and excellent today. I know there is one little girl who has been really really excited about today trying on her dress and walking elegantly, and practising, and getting a bit giddy which is remarkable commitment for somebody who is twenty-nine and expecting her first child. But Stacey seemed to know what she was doing, so all ended well.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding and join us in a toast to The Bridesmaids!


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