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Funeral Speeches, Funeral Poems and Funeral Messages

If you've clicked onto this page, you've got a very difficult day ahead of you.

You may want to speak at the funeral, you may have been asked to. The thought of standing in front of a group of people and talking about the loss of a loved one will probably fill you with dread. You are probably still grieving - not thinking straight, or breaking down without warning.

At Floating Fish, we understand your grief. We can't offer you any emotional support, we can't bring your loved one back. We don't want to patronise you. What we can do, is to help you organise your thoughts and words. With your help, we can help people to remember the great times you've all shared with this special person.

Obviously, respect is the key word here, but we can also tailor the tone of the writing to suit your exact needs.
Take a look at our order form. If you choose to use Floating Fish, we will help you to create a fitting tribute on this sad occasion, and give you one less thing to worry about.

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A Typical Example of Jason

A 'Celebration of Life' they say,
Is why we're gathered here today,
Not a funeral, nor a wake,
And not a single tear should you make.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have failed,
I've weeped and bawled and screamed and wailed,
And blamed anyone whom the blame would stick to,
Something, sometimes, I'm quick to do.

To lose a loved one is never good,
Happy in grief - I've never understood,
And when Jase was taken away from us all,
My soul was filled with hate and gall.

But anger can engulf and devour,
And eat at you with the passing hours,
So I too, tried to forgive and move on,
And accept that Jason, my brother, had gone.

Once over the hatred, I began to recall,
Happy times from being small.
The little, innocent everyday things,
Like football, Manhunt and garden rope-swings.

Then teenage stuff like discos and fashion,
Desperately hoping for possible passion,
But more often than not, walking home together,
Jacketless in the freezing weather.

Yeh, Jase was my sibling, but also my mate,
Someone to whom I could really relate,
He was honest and caring - my perfect big brother,
Who could make me laugh and laugh like no other.

So I've started to get it - this 'not being sad',
And for our time together, really glad,
I shared the years with my mate Jase,
So I've stopped my sniffing, and I've wiped my face.

And if I can do it, so can you,
Appreciate that you loved and knew,
My brother Jason - a special bloke,
Who'll continue to live within you good folk.
  • "At first, I thought Floating Fish was expensive, but I was desperate for a unique gift. I used the 'Fast Track' service, and got my poem the following day. It was superb. I fully recommend this service (especially if you are on the last minute)."
    K Williamson, Doncaster