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Funeral Speeches, Funeral Poems and Funeral Messages

If you've clicked onto this page, you've got a very difficult day ahead of you.

You may want to speak at the funeral, you may have been asked to. The thought of standing in front of a group of people and talking about the loss of a loved one will probably fill you with dread. You are probably still grieving - not thinking straight, or breaking down without warning.

At Floating Fish, we understand your grief. We can't offer you any emotional support, we can't bring your loved one back. We don't want to patronise you. What we can do, is to help you organise your thoughts and words. With your help, we can help people to remember the great times you've all shared with this special person.

Obviously, respect is the key word here, but we can also tailor the tone of the writing to suit your exact needs.
Take a look at our order form. If you choose to use Floating Fish, we will help you to create a fitting tribute on this sad occasion, and give you one less thing to worry about.

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A Typical Example of Eulogy

Hello friends. We are here this morning to remember, and pay tribute to my beautiful wife -Audrey, who passed away just under two weeks ago. As Audrey and I were married for over forty years, It was always going to be me speaking to you, if I outlived her. I can't say that I relished the idea at first, but as the devastating reality began to sink in, I started to remember some of the wonderful, tender, hilarious moments that we shared together in life.

When Audrey and I first got together, it was the Swinging Sixties. Things seemed much simpler then. We would take the bus into town, spend all Saturday in the local record shop, sharing a booth, without ever buying anything. If we were flush, we would go to the cinema , where I would try to have a smooch, and Audrey would try to watch the film, then we would nip to the local for a couple of brown ales. Bliss.

Of course, when we got married and bought our first house, such luxuries were unobtainable. Then our two children - James and Anna came along (without warning, it seemed) and family life took over. I know that everybody says this, but Audrey was the perfect mother. She was absolutely dedicated to our children, was warm, nurturing, funny and sometimes absolutely terrifying. You only have to look at how our kids turned out to see what an amazing job she did. She was the perfect guide in those formative years.

Audrey was one of those really rare people who was always on a level. Always positive and upbeat and always right. Even when she wasn't. She would brush stress aside like an annoying insect, and go out of her way to make those around her smile. In fact, when people found themselves in a stressful predicament, she was the first person they'd seek. Problems never seemed so big after an hour with my wife.

Then there was Audrey the Grandma. The capacity for love and ridiculous energy levels were legendary in our street. Whilst most grannies were sat with rugs on their knees, Audrey was out in the street playing cricket, and hide and seek, and tig, and skipping and sometimes even rugby league. Grandma was definitely a hero when the boys were growing up.

Even the dreaded 'C' word, couldn't dampen Audrey's spirits. "Treat the bloody thing with the content it deserves." she would often say. Such positivity allowed her to beat the disease twice. I honestly believe that if she hadn't had been weakened by that awful bout of pneumonia last year, that she'd have done it again. She wasn't one to be beaten.

I know that every single person sat here could add a treasured memory or funny anecdote. I hope to hear some of them later at the bar. I might even order a brown ale.

So here we are. I promised to keep it short. I'd just like to finish by saying that although I've spent the lion's share of the last two weeks in tears, there have also been a lot of smiles and even a few laughs. I hope that you can join me in both today.

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