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Father of Bride Speech

This is a biggy. You've watched your little girl grow from nappies and sick, to a beautiful bride on her wedding day. Emmotions are already sky-high. We've all witnessed a proud father who's emmotions have taken over, becoming a blubbering wreck, whilst trying to express a tiny bit of how he is feeling. Floating Fish know what an immense task this is. We're not going to be able to stop you crying (or drinking far too much to 'settle nerves') but what we can do is write something beautiful, that your daughter will remember forever. Fill out an order form with your personal memories and feelings, and we'll write a speech worthy of your little girl. We are experienced and really good at this sort of thing - let us take a little of the burden. You may even enjoy the experience!

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A Typical Example of Father of Bride

Ladies and Gentlemen, the day has arrived,
Where Jill's dear mother has cried and cried,
All over the frock - now covered in tears,
A frock that she's been planning for a number of years.

We did hope Jill would one day wed,
But "Not on your life" she often said.
Kim and I did endeavour,
To stop Jill living with us forever.

But Jill showed no signs of departing,
With one relationship dying and another one starting,
We often thought "it might be him..."
But then she threw him in the bin.

It's not that we don't love our daughter,
It's just that we think maybe she oughta,
Tidy her room from time to time,
And not sneakily drink all my wine.
Or leave her undies on the floor,
Or forget to lock the bathroom door,
Or squeeze the toothpaste from the centre,
Or have Jeremy Kyle as her favourite presenter,
Or leave her plate upon the side,
(Will she be a messy bride?)
Or leave the car always on empty,
(Even if it did have plenty),
Or wash her own stuff - never ours,
Or have a minimum two hour shower,
Or expect a sub when's she's out of cash,
Or raid her mother's chocolate stash,
Or knock us up at half past three,
'Cause again she's forgotten her bloody key,
Or sleeping in until one pm,
Then getting ready to do it all again...

But Ladies and Gentlemen, she's also a dream,
She's loving and caring (and spotlessly clean),
With enormous energy and lust for life,
I'm sure she'll make a perfect wife.

So join with us - her mum and dad,
Now she's found herself a cracking lad,
And Steve and Jill will move out soon,
And we can rent her bloody room.
  • "I've never even heard of Floating Fish."
    R. Wade, Stoke.
  • "Floating Fish managed to write something truly wonderful - I could never have done it so well."
    Mrs F Jakins, Cornwall.