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Father of Bride Speech

This is a biggy. You've watched your little girl grow from nappies and sick, to a beautiful bride on her wedding day. Emmotions are already sky-high. We've all witnessed a proud father who's emmotions have taken over, becoming a blubbering wreck, whilst trying to express a tiny bit of how he is feeling. Floating Fish know what an immense task this is. We're not going to be able to stop you crying (or drinking far too much to 'settle nerves') but what we can do is write something beautiful, that your daughter will remember forever. Fill out an order form with your personal memories and feelings, and we'll write a speech worthy of your little girl. We are experienced and really good at this sort of thing - let us take a little of the burden. You may even enjoy the experience!

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A Typical Example of Father of Bride Speech

Jen was always a bit awkward. After nine months two weeks and two days of a troubled pregnancy, her mum Janet begged the doctors to drag her out by any means possible. In fairness to the medical team, they did their best - inducing treatment (twice) made little difference and when Janet did eventually go into labour , Jen decided to keep the pressure up. Thirteen hours, one failed von tousse treatment, one tangled umbilical and Cesarean section later, and she finally showed her face.

And when we looked down at her tiny face, with her huge piercing eyes and tiny button nose, she was the most beautiful person in the world.

In many ways, she was the perfect baby - she ate well (she still does), slept all of the time (she still does) and was regular ...(I'm not sure how that is nowadays). We really thought that we had the prefect child. When she got to school, she made friends easily, frustrated all teachers with her incessant chatting, and proved to be brighter thane we could have hoped for.

Move forward several years, and Jen's a young adult, with an unsatiable appetite for night clubs, inappropriate clothing, vodka - my vodka if we're being accurate. Jen discovered that if she and her friends drank at home first, it would be free, then I could run them all into town (which would be free). They could then blag VIP passes from the bouncers, free drinks fron adouring young men, then ring me to pick them up again.

Occasionally we'd meet a boyfriend - I must admit we were rather disappointed by the first vistor or the 'second coming' as Janet and I referred to him. Now, some people would be delighted if their only daughter had been romatically involved with a Jesus look alike ... unfortunately his personality was rather more Belzebub than bringer of joy.

Jen decided that before all of her brain cells were destroyed by 'Captain Smirnoff', she'd put them to use and go to university for teacher training. Not only did she get a degree, she also got a 'Mike'. Mike, who as far as we are aware, has never resembled a religious prophet of any kind, was a welcomed addition to our family. Yes, he did like heavy metal and did drive a Fiat (How do they go together?) But he was warm, honest and very patient with Jen, which he'll have to be.

So, I'd like to be the first to formally congratulate Jen and Mike on this, their wedding day - may they live a long and happy life together.

Toast: Jen and Mike.
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