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Father of Bride Speech

This is a biggy. You've watched your little girl grow from nappies and sick, to a beautiful bride on her wedding day. Emmotions are already sky-high. We've all witnessed a proud father who's emmotions have taken over, becoming a blubbering wreck, whilst trying to express a tiny bit of how he is feeling. Floating Fish know what an immense task this is. We're not going to be able to stop you crying (or drinking far too much to 'settle nerves') but what we can do is write something beautiful, that your daughter will remember forever. Fill out an order form with your personal memories and feelings, and we'll write a speech worthy of your little girl. We are experienced and really good at this sort of thing - let us take a little of the burden. You may even enjoy the experience!

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A Typical Example of Father of Bride Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, On behalf of Jenny and myself, Fiona and Simon, I'd like to thank you all joining us in this very special day.

Now, all of the wedding etiquette books that have been showered upon me over the last couple of months, inform me that I should officially welcome Dan into the family, and say a few kind words about him. This is quite difficult. The truth is, we've felt that Dan has been part of our family for a long time now and it certainly wouldn't be the same without him. But, formally, I would like to welcome him, and tell him not only are we delighted to have him as a son-in-law, but we are very proud to do so. Dan also comes with 'added value', and by that, I am referring to Fiona and Simon. Tracey could not hope to find a nicer, kinder mother and father-in-law. And I'd like to thank them for all of their help in the organization and arrangements of the day – thank-you. Since we met Dan, our lives have improved massively. In fact, the only thing that hasn't improved is my bar stock. But that's a small price to pay for such a super son-in-law.

Now, turning to Tracey. Tracey looks gorgeous today, and Jenny and I are extremely proud of her. In fact, the last twenty-nine years or so, our lives have been centred around and focused upon Tracey. I can't take a great deal of credit for what Tracey is today, I would have to pay tribute to her mum. Mums and daughters have their moments over the years. Dads realise that - we observe it from the ringside, and obviously, there have been one or two moments. Unfortunately, it's been made worse for Tracey, as she has inherited some of my virtues. I'm thinking really of gross untidiness and extreme procrastination. There have been a number of times when Tracey has been on the wrong side of her mum. We have been able to draw some comfort from each other, and it has always been the understanding that if one of us was in trouble, at least it meant that the other one was okay. But, since Tracey has had a place of her own, and now a place of 'their' own, of course, Tracey has changed completely. Everything has to be exactly in its place, jobs have to be done…and now, it's Dan and I who seek solace in each other. One bit of advice to Dan at this point…this is based on living thirty-odd years living with Tracey's mum…when you know you are in the wrong, admit it, and make your apologies. When you know you are in the right, just keep your mouth shut. And always remember that Tracey will have the last word. And if you say a word after the last word, you are starting a new argument. Although they've had their moments over the years, I'm sure that Tracey knows, she's got the best mum in the world.

Tracey has been very lucky in the friends she's had over the years. And looking around the room reminds me of all of the different phases of her life. We parents tend to have our children's lives in little eras. It started when Sarah gave the reading in church. Sarah was the pretty reader. Sarah and Tracey started dancing at the age of three, and it's lovely to see that they are still such good friends today. Then we have Katie, who's here from London, she and Tracey started primary school together, and her mum and dad shared lots of tears with us stood at the gate. Then we move on to secondary school, and we have our gorgeous bridesmaid today – Sue. Then we had sixth form college, and not only do we have several of Tracey's friends here today, but also, two lecturers. And finally, Uni. And it wouldn't be a do without the Uni Girls.

But then, we go right back in a circle, to primary school. This time, as a teacher. I'd like to thank Peter, the Head Teacher of Southdown Primary, for giving Tracey a job, and supporting her through her career. As he could also be seen as a matchmaker (between Dan and Tracy)

That's brought us around in a full circle, and here we are with Tracey and Dan, who, after the initial nerves, have looked deliriously happy all day long. All we can hope for them, is to be as happy as they are today, for many years to come. So, I would like to ask you to join me in a toast to Tracey and Dan, The Bride and Groom.

  • "Floating Fish wrote a poem for my 30th birthday. It was embarrassing, rude and downright hilarious! I'm still not sure who stitched me up! "
    Jane, Manchester.
  • "Our Head Teacher of twenty years retired. Floating fish wrote a really witty poem to go with old photos we'd found. He loved it!"
    J. Barlow, Blackpool.