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Brides Speech

Personalised Brides Speech

If you've clicked onto this page, you're probably thinking of making a speech yourself. Many brides are now choosing to speak on their special day, and why not? After all, it's your day (Grooms will pretend that it's every bit as much their day, but we both know they're wrong don't we?). You can bet that the other speakers will be prepared (especially if they've used Floating Fish)so make sure your contribution is beautiful and memorable. Fill out an order form with as much detail as you can, tell us the desired tone of the piece, and let us do the rest. Choose us, and people will be talking about your speech for years.

Brides Speech, Message or Poem: £79.99
Express Delivery(additional cost): £49.99

All speeches, poems and messages are completed within 5 working days unless you paid the additional cost of express delivery, where delivery will be in 24 hours from the time you purchased it. All speeches, messages and poems will be delivered via email you provide. For further info please go to terms

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A Typical Example of Bride's Speech

Ladies and Gentleman, As you know, I consider myself to be more of a traditionalist than a 'modern woman', but I decided to adopt a twenty-first century approach, and have my bloody say.

When I first met Harry, I… I would love to say at this point that I was bowled over by his charm, devilish good looks and scintillating conversation… No. Let's just say, he was…drunk and a bit clueless. Ninety-nine times out of 100, I would have politely disappeared and left him to his dribbling friends (nice to see so many of them here today) and his over-tight trousers, but even then, in dim lighting, with his eyes looking like glazed raisons, I saw… something in Harry.

It wasn't until our next meeting with just the two of us when I really started to feel more than - pity. But something was still not right – and would never be unless it could be overcome. The trousers had to go. And the faded rugby top, the three day old socks, the underpants…you really don't want to know, and the fact that he thought a romantic night out was eight pints of Guinness and a vindaloo. But, as one date led to another, I saw through the 'Blokey' veneer, and met the real Harry. Someone who liked lager as well as Guinness. I tried to train him to appreciate The Opera, ballet and Jane Austin, but after months of intense work, settled on Meat Loaf and a chicken bhuna.

I'm being unfair. Yes, Harry does have ridiculous levels of testosterone, but also has a beautiful, gentle side. I thought that he wasn't my type, but Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel today, that I am the luckiest woman in the world. Harry is the most genuine, loving, sexy man that I could ever hope to meet. The fact that he has chosen me as his wife…(gosh, that sounds weird) makes me feel like I've won the lottery. Ladies and Gentlemen, please, raise your glasses to my Knight in Shining Armour – Harry Wiliams.

  • "I looked a few times at the Floating Fish Website before placing my order, I'm so glad that I took the plunge, the poem for my partner was a huge success."
    F Frain, Salford