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If you've clicked onto this page, you're probably thinking of making a speech yourself. Many brides are now choosing to speak on their special day, and why not? After all, it's your day (Grooms will pretend that it's every bit as much their day, but we both know they're wrong don't we?). You can bet that the other speakers will be prepared (especially if they've used Floating Fish)so make sure your contribution is beautiful and memorable. Fill out an order form with as much detail as you can, tell us the desired tone of the piece, and let us do the rest. Choose us, and people will be talking about your speech for years.

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All speeches, poems and messages are completed within 5 working days unless you paid the additional cost of express delivery, where delivery will be in 24 hours from the time you purchased it. All speeches, messages and poems will be delivered via email you provide. For further info please go to terms

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A Typical Example of Bride's Speech

Dearest Guests, when I was a little girl, I was obsessed with fairy tales. I loved the romance, the sense of danger and the obligatory happy ending. I loved the twee, repetitive language, and the beautiful illustrations. In all of my games, I was the princess, awaiting my prince to rescue me from an evil step-relative. Sometimes, I would dangle my hair off my bed, and get one of Jamie's Action Men to climb up. Other times, I would bite an imaginary poisonous apple, and wait for the dwarves to come. My video collection comprised simply of Disney titles, and my room was 'Princess Pink'.

As I got a little older, I lost some of my fairy tale dreams. I lost them in the sense that I knew I was never going to be a princess, I would never live in a castle and the chances of me meeting a handsome prince were slim to say the least. But in my heart, I still wanted to be whisked away by my knight in shining armour. I still craved the romance and I still wanted long hair. Life tried its hardest to knock some adult sense into me, but deep within, I hoped that the perfect life would find me.

Then I met Rob. He wasn't wearing armour that day. Or the next. And although he said that he had an impressive sword, I didn't believe him, and he was a little too short to do any high-level rescuing. He did, however, rescue me from a rather tacky nightclub, and took me to a rather swanky wine bar. He did protect me from a letching old man, and he did put me in a carriage home. Well, a black cab. He has treated me like a princess, even though I haven't always acted like one, and he does lavish me with compliments.

So really, my dreams have come true, just in a more real-life kind of way. I love Rob dearly, and am thrilled to be named as his wife today. He isn't a hero in the Disney sense, but at five foot seven, he is almost a dwarf.

  • "I was really pleased with my purchase. A very professional service, thank-you."
    A. Charlton, Warminster
  • "Floating Fish wrote a poem for my 30th birthday. It was embarrassing, rude and downright hilarious! I'm still not sure who stitched me up! "
    Jane, Manchester.