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Best Man Speech

Well, there's no getting away from it, this is the speech that everyone wants to hear. This is the speech that has to be funny. This is the speech that needs to ridicule The Groom, to show him up, whilst being good natured, and show warmth, love and loyalty. This speech needs to push the boundaries a little - to carefully tread the line of appropriateness under the critical eye of the guests (of varying ages, standards and expectations). This is the hardest wedding speech to pull off. Done well, and everybody loves it. Done badly, and it all gets a little embarrassing. Don't leave it to chance. Whatever you do, don't try to 'wing it'. Let Floating Fish take the pressure off you. Provide us with as many details as you can, and let us write the perfect speech for your perfect day.

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A Typical Example of Best Man Poem

A few words at this wonderful time,
About Daniel Flannagan - a good mate of mine,
Who's cool and interesting, funny and active,
A great man of style, but hardly attractive.

You wouldn't believe, as you look at him today,
The adventures we've had along the way:

From dams in the river then camping and skiing,
To boarding and walking and suddenly being,
In a slinky red number - meant for the pool
(My mum's swimming cossie - the sick dirty fool).
From breaking rare statues of men who were fishing,
(Then gluing it back with one welly missing)
To having a head that's as round as the earth.
And his mushroom haircut that caused so much mirth.
From playing the clown whilst being at school,
To driving the Audi, thinking he's cool,
(But its rather embarressing - someone should tell,
That his number plate's spelt with a silent 'L').
From his orangy skin and fondness of wine,
To throwing a boulle - giving me a black eye,
From standing in a field - avoiding a kite,
To him now on the day of his wedding night.
But forget all the nonsense, and forget the lost welly,
For he's landed on his feet with the beautiful Kelly.
  • "I asked Floating Fish to write a poem for my sister's 'special' birthday. I wanted it to be funny and close to the bone. It was perfect! My sister ignored me for a week!"
    Emma, Darlington.