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Anniversary Speeches, Anniversary Poems and Anniversary Messages

It's hard enough remembering an important anniversary, without having to come up with an idea for a special gift. How about a highly personalised poem? A story about your journey through life together? A newspaper article about your partner? A narrative about a made-up character with the same personality traits as your partner? At Floating Fish, we are extremely flexible and accomodating, and will write anything to your brief. Gain yourself some 'Goody Points' and let us create a masterpiece. Fill out the order form in as much detail as you can, and we'll work our magic.

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All speeches, poems and messages are completed within 5 working days unless you paid the additional cost of express delivery, where delivery will be in 24 hours from the time you purchased it. All speeches, messages and poems will be delivered via email you provide. For further info please go to terms

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A Typical Example of an Anniversary Poem

The tale begins with Stan (Pre-Flo),
To dances – with another he'd go,
A girl from Leyland – pretty and tall,
But one whose name we can't recall.

But soon Stan drove from Lawrence Street,
To Southport (the tall girl obsolete),
But due to Auntie, they met 'on the quiet',
She wanted Flo on a non-boy diet.

But Flo has always known her mind,
And soon, the document was signed,
And the wedding celebrations done,
In Autumn 1961.

Before any children had arrived,
Their social life really thrived,
There was of course The Nalgo Club,
(Cheaper than drinking in the pub)
It had table tennis and a large pool table,
With tiny cues so you weren't able,
To play any kind of shot at all,
'Cause the room was far too bloody small.

Then there were BT walks and dances,
(You can't ignore those 'Jiving chances')
They saved and purchased number fifty,
Which, at the time, cost £3.60.

Now things all change when kids appear,
Less time is available for beer,
And Flo and Stan got family life,
Two children, a husband and a wife.

Both Mum and Dad gave up their prime,
To give us both great family time,
So many memories we got from you,
Too many to write – but here are a few…

A purple toe was given to Stan,
In Texas, playing 'Kick the Can',
The happy times spent-at Loch Awe,
'Fishing' (catching bugger-all),
And the time when Mum almost collapsed,
Laughing at Dad's cowboy chaps,
The year Dad gave us Christmas clues,
(Because he'd had a bit of booze).

We travelled just yards when we moved house,
And had a ball with Mickey Mouse,
The first Atari games console,
Mum breaking Stanley's cornflake bowl.

Each year, Dad's union money would go,
On gadgets like the video,
(The opportunities were there to see,
But all he taped was 'Duty Free').

The hours the fireboat took to make,
It smashing to pieces on Fleetwood Lake,
'Swingball Summers' and games we'd play,
And Dad's obsession with The USA.

When Rusty had the dozen pups,
The Astra's engine blowing up,
Under the swing – the muddy patch,
The rabbit which we couldn't catch.

The excitement of a tornado warning,
The gift of a bike on Christmas morning,
No trendy music – all we'd get,
Was Denver, Golsboro, Robbins, Wynette.

A dislocation after a fall,
And orange swirls upon the wall,
Dad proudly driving the BT van,
'Don't pick-up Flo!' said the insurance man.

Mum at the Post Office - blood and tears,
With payment of Mateus wine each year,
Dad munching Polos all day long,
'Till the dentist said 'You're doing wrong'.

On Thursdays, to Grandma's we would go,
A stronger woman you'll never know,
At the club, Dad's legendary quiz,
Letting John take the limelight (even though the work's his).

Hoping David would give up soon,
His stripy trousers and metal tunes,
The strap dragging from the back of the car,
To stop us being sick, if we travelled too far.

Mum's hysterics after a couple of wines,
When her coat and a chair at the club were entwined,
The characters of Clarence and Claude,
To help when we were getting bored,
(a scary sight for a child to see,
Was Clarence's brain surgery).

When we laughed so much, we could have drowned,
Dad's “Huge cagoule“ which he had found,
Which would fit us all, if on the boat it rained,
“It is magnificent!” he claimed,
But when unpacked, it was plain to see,
It was designed for some-one aged 2-3.

Dad just being so very right wing,
And Mum just tidying everything…

So, after fifty years, we're glad,
We've got the perfect Mum and Dad,
Thanks for all the years of fun,
We're sure there's many more to come.

Happy Fiftieth anniversary.
  • "My Best Man's speech was awesome! No-one could believe that it came from some-one who had never met Mark. People are still talking about it months later!"
    Steve, New South Wales
  • "I used Floating Fish for my speech at a Civil Partnership. It was brilliant (and I told everyone that I had written it myself!)"
    Mrs Jones, Surrey.