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Anniversary Speeches, Anniversary Poems and Anniversary Messages

It's hard enough remembering an important anniversary, without having to come up with an idea for a special gift. How about a highly personalised poem? A story about your journey through life together? A newspaper article about your partner? A narrative about a made-up character with the same personality traits as your partner? At Floating Fish, we are extremely flexible and accomodating, and will write anything to your brief. Gain yourself some 'Goody Points' and let us create a masterpiece. Fill out the order form in as much detail as you can, and we'll work our magic.

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All speeches, poems and messages are completed within 5 working days unless you paid the additional cost of express delivery, where delivery will be in 24 hours from the time you purchased it. All speeches, messages and poems will be delivered via email you provide. For further info please go to terms

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A Typical Example of an Anniversary Speech

I can still remember the first time I met Sarah at Southport Floral Gardens in 1964. The Beatles were in their prime, mini-skirts were everywhere and Sarah was totally paralitic on Babysham. Figuring that I'd have more chance with a drunk girl, I sauntered over in my Beatles suit, shaking like a leaf and clumsily attempting small talk.
To my amazement not only did Sarah talk to me for several hours, but kissed me before she threw up everywhere, such respect.
Thinking that would be the end of our romance, I was astonished to find out that Sarah had found my home number from a friend and (now sober) wanted to see me again. The rest my dear friends, is history.
Now you all know that we've been blessed with two wonderful children and five even more wonderful grandchildren. What you don't know is how Sarah has made me feel over the years.
Sarah is the most wonderful, warm, funny (not always intentionally) caring person you could ever meet. She has loved, helped and supported me since the day I met her. Even if she is feeling low, she is more concerned with the welfare of others. Not only have we reached the milestone of 40 years marriage still liking each other, but I am privileged to be married to the most perfect woman in the world. Here's to another 40 years of marriage (alongside baldness, memory loss and incontinence)

To my wife Sarah!
  • "I recommend Floating Fish to everyone who needs a special gift. Amazing service!"
    S Watkinson, Derby
  • "This really is one of those rare companies that deliver exactly what they promise. My wife's poem was amazing. It was funny yet genuine - I could never of balanced it so well."
    S Atkins, Bedfordshire